Abstracts of scientific papers are to be submitted in English by May 5th, 2024, through the following options:
• by accessing the “Abstract” section on the My account;
• by email, as an attached file, sent to:

You cannot submit abstracts before registering!
Only abstracts for which at least one of the authors has paid the participation fee will be published.

For abstracts submitted by email, you must follow the instructions in the “Writing Instructions” section, and for those entered directly on the website, you must follow the instructions on the corresponding web page. Only unpublished works are accepted, and authors take full responsibility for the content.

Abstracts accepted by the scientific committee will be confirmed to the authors via email after May 10th, 2024.

Writing Instructions

Please respect to the following formatting requirements when submitting abstracts via email:

– The abstract cannot exceed 250 words;
– The abstract will be sent in English;
– All text should be written without paragraph alignment or other indentations;
– The abstract should not be formatted;

The abstract must include:
– The title, written in uppercase followed by a blank line; the title (including spaces) cannot be longer than 200 characters;
– The names of the authors, written in a single line, following the order: first name initials (for males) or first name (for females) followed by the last name (do not use professional/academic titles);
– The name of the presenting author should be underlined; leave a blank line after the list of authors;
– Affiliation (department, institution, city, country) for both the first author and co-authors. Write everything on one line, followed by a new blank line. The first letter of each word should be capitalized;
– Insert a line containing 3 – 5 keywords;
– The main text must follow the familiar structure: introduction, materials and methods, results, conclusions (avoid formulations like “results will be presented”);
– The text should contain enough details to justify the conclusion;
– Graphics and tables are not accepted in the abstract;
– All abbreviations should be explained upon their first use in the text.